Saturday, February 13, 2010

I am alive to live for you.

Holding Nothing Back

I am chosen, I am free
I am living for eternity, free now forever
You picked me up, turned me around
set my feet on solid ground, Yours now forever
And nothing's gonna' hold me back, nothing's gonna' hold me back
Nothing's gonna' hold me back.

My chains fell off, my heart was free
I'm alive to live for you
I am alive to live for you
Amazing love, how can it be,
'cause you gave everything for me, you gave everything for me, everything.

You washed my sin and shame away the slate is clean a brand new day,
-- free now forever --
now boldly I approach your throne
to claim this crown through Christ my own
yours now forever.

Nothing's gonna' hold me back, nothing's gonna' hold me back, nothing's 'gonna hold me back!

Free to live, free to give, free to be, I'm free to love you Lord.

Don't you love days like today? Seriously, I woke up this morning with God, right there, just in my heart and so comforting. It's incredible how he keeps his promises, and lately I have really been holding him to that. I keep telling him that he said when I seek his face he will anoint me, and so everyday I seek his voice, everyday I read his word, and pray, and praise him, and it works, he won't leave me alone, and I honestly could not ask for anything better. I make this commitment to seek his face everyday, and it works. Now when I feel "off" within an instant he is there to help me think it out, it's really indescribable. I urge you to do this, to go out and seek him, every single day, and hold him to his promises, because our God is faithful that He will not let us down. He will reveal to us all that we need to know.

I woke up today and just read the word, and read some more. I read acts. These disciples, were incredible men of God. They were so committed to the Lord, and did everything that He told them to do, and you know what the reward was? They brought people back from the dead! They turned men, who wanted to kill them (Saul), into fellow apostles. They filled everyone with the Holy Spirit, all I could do was laugh. It's phenomenal! Let's do this, let's be disciples. Let's keep seeking, haha that is my new favourite topic, this must be the third blog about it! Praise God.

After I read, I decided to learn how to play guitar, God put it on my heart. And so this has been my day. A day that the Lord has made, I am so glad.

Holding Nothing Back,


  1. Wow, the disciples were amazing! And we can be like them... it is something that we get to call on God whenever, and He is with us ALL the time... that is CRAZY LOVE!!!!

  2. I googled these lyrics cause I forgot the name of the song. I found this blog and it really encouraged me :) Echoing my thoughts. God's awesome